Valve Releases Portal VR Demo…and it is AWESOME!

Portal VR Demo for HTC ViveFor those who jumped on the HTC Vive pre-order, Valve has just given you another reason to celebrate your decision to pickup a Vive.  If you are a fan of the hilarious and challenging Portal puzzle series of games, Valve has released a demo of Portal VR.  This portal themed game will make its official debut at next weeks Game Developer Conference.

The demo video released by Valve shows a player attempting to work as a robot repairman.  Using the controls from the HTC Valve, a user can interact with the surrounding environment by picking up object, opening drawers, and attempting to assemble a robot.  The demo is filled with some very practical uses of virtual reality such as looking around by moving your head in every direction and using controls to interact with things.  In addition the demo is hilarious in true Portal style.  My personal favorite part of the demo deals with opening the drawers early on, showing how one can interact with the environment, as well as the comedic elements of opening the wrong drawers, then opening the drawer with the Aperture Science Pocket Universe, staring directly into the drawer and becoming the God of that universe, only to have it incinerated upon closing the drawer.

You can checkout the complete Portal VR demo below.  I am definitely looking forward to more cool demos across the various VR device platforms.  While we currently are not running any types of contests for an HTC Vive, it does look like an amazing VR platform.  Based on strong pre-sale numbers it is going to be one of the top VR devices in 2016, competing primarily with the Oculus Rift.

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