Oculus Rift Bundles Now Available For Pre-Order

Check out the Oculus Rift giveawayEarlier in the year we mentioned how you could pre-order the Orculus Rift VR headset from the Oculus store for $599.00 plus shipping and any potential taxes.  Early pre-orders had an estimated ship date of late March of this year.  Currently, if you waited to place your Oculus Rift pre-order, you can expect to receive your virtual reality headset in July or potentially even later depending on when you place your order.  If you missed the boat on getting your Oculus Rift in March, and don’t want to wait until the second half of the year, you have the opportunity to jump on the Oculus Rift PC bundle pre-order which launched on February 16th, 2016.

Oculus VR has partnered with ASUS, Alienware, and Dell PC manufacturers to produce Oculus certified gaming machines that will give you an optimal performing machine for your Oculus Rift headset.  The bundles are going to start at $1,499.00 and will increase to well over $3,000.00 depending on the computer you choose to bundle with your Oculus Rift unit.  If you were in the market for a new computer to go along with your Oculus Rift, jump on this pre-order today and you could get your new gear sometime in April.  This will put you well ahead of people who are currently only placing pre-orders for the Oculus Rift headset alone.  The PC bundle will come with both the PC you choose, an Oculus Rift consumer version 1 (CV1), and everything else included with the Oculus Rift pre-order.  These items include the Oculus Remote, an Xbox one controller, and EVE; Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale.

If you already pre-ordered your Oculus Rift, do not fret my friend, you can still jump in and pre-order a PC to go along with your unit.  The Oculus store will allow people who already pre-ordered an Oculus Rift to order the bundle deal as well.  If you are unsure if your current PC is ready for the Oculus Rift, you can either checkout the recommended specifications sheet, or you can run the Oculus compatibility tool.  If you are unsure whether or not you need to upgrade your computer in order to take advantage of an optimal performing Oculus Rift, we recommend you run the comparability tool.

While we are not offering a full on Oculus Rift PC bundle with our giveaway, you can still easily win a free Oculus Rift.  Just sign up today with your email, Facebook account, or Google account and easily start to qualify for the Oculus Rift VR headset.  All you need to do is promote our giveaway to your friends and family on sites you already use on a daily basis.  Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, or Google+, you can easily share your unique contest link with your friends and other like minded individuals.  Anyone who clicks your link earns you a point, and anyone who signs up under you earns you 50 more!  We highly recommend checking out our contest tutorial video to learn how to quickly and easily enter and qualify for our prizes.



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