Our free PlayStation VR giveaway starts NOW!

free PlayStation VR giveawayEarlier this month, we gave away a free Oculus Rift, a free Samsung Gear VR, and some $50.00 Amazon Gift Cards to our previous contest winners!  It was a fun little contest with only a small handful of participants battling it out for the grand prize.  After facing some pitfalls with our last giveaway with dealing with some legal matters, we will no longer be holding Oculus Rift giveaways as we do not want to have further issues with Oculus VR, LLC going forward.

That being said, we are happy to announce that we started a brand new giveaway today!  If you are a gamer and own a PlayStation 4, you know all about the PlayStation VR.  The upcoming virtual reality headset from Sony, built specifically for the PlayStation 4 console is set to be released in October of 2016.  The PlayStation VR is going to be the hot item this holiday season as it is more affordable than the competition, and the hardware requirements are already built into your existing PlayStation 4 console.

If you want to win a free PlayStation VR, or are interested in a free Samsung Gear VR, or just some Amazon Gift Cards, please join our giveaway today!  You can sign up with your Facebook or Google account, or just using your email address.  Once you sign up, we highly recommend you view our contest tutorial video on the contest page as it will teach you how to qualify for the free PlayStation VR prize in the quickest amount of time.  While viewing our previous contest statistics, all of our prize winners did indeed watch the tutorial video.  As an extra means of motivation, we even give you an extra 250 points just for watching the video and clicking the link at the end.

We make it really easy to participate in this PlayStation VR giveaway.  Once you have signed up for the contest, our tool allows you to earn points easily on Facebook and Twitter by just making comments directly from our contest page.  Other means of earning points include sharing your contest link on sites where other people might be interested in the giveaway.  We recommend gaming forums as well as sites like Reddit.  You can also email your contacts which will ask them to click on your contest link.  Each person who clicks your unique link get you points, and you earn more for anyone who signs up under you.  For a full break down of how many points you can earn and how, please check out our contest rules page.

We wish everyone who decides to enter the best of luck in this free PlayStation VR giveaway.  The sooner you join, the more time you have to qualify for the grand prize.  What are you waiting for? Enter our free PlayStation VR contest today and get a jump on the competition!


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  1. I am just 12 years old i dont know so much about you so please can i get or win that playstation vr i in request you

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